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Luxury watches escrow and trading platform.

WatchCrow is an online watch trading platform that allows users to send watches to be authenticated. Once the watch is authenticated, a certificate of authenticity is issued and sent to the user. The platform acts as an escrow service, facilitating the transaction between buyers and sellers. Once both parties are satisfied, the buyer sends the money and WatchCrow sends the money to the seller. WatchCrow also produces watch authenticity certificates, ensuring that the watches sold on their platform are genuine.


Digital One Agency assisted WatchCrow by providing them with a professional web app design using Figma. Our team of experienced designers worked closely with WatchCrow to understand their vision and goals for the project. Using Figma, we were able to create a visually stunning and user-friendly web app that met all of WatchCrow’s requirements. Additionally, we also assisted WatchCrow with its branding, creating a cohesive look and feel that effectively conveyed its brand identity. Overall, Digital One Agency was able to deliver a high-quality web app design that exceeded WatchCrow’s expectations.

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