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Landing Page / Identity
Equity Plus
Equity Plus

Gold Coast's newest financial service.

Equity Plus is a financial services company that provides a wide range of expertise in areas such as finance, financial planning, self-managed super funds, and real estate/property investments. The company was founded in Sydney, New South Wales, and has since expanded to the Gold Coast, Queensland. The experts at Equity Plus have over 30 years of experience in their respective fields and have helped thousands of people build equity quickly and retire earlier.


Digital One Agency helped Equity Plus by creating a landing page using WordPress and Elementor. We ensured a clear call to action, design with bold colours, contrasting colour palettes, large font, and clean font to make it easy to navigate and stand out. The landing page was also designed to be fully responsive and optimized for SEO to improve the visibility of Equity Plus’ website in search results. The new design effectively grabbed the visitor’s attention and helped to increase the conversion rate for Equity Plus.

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