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Mobile app development maintenance and why it’s necessary.

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There are different types of mobile app maintenance that can help ensure your app remains relevant to your customers. Emergency maintenance is when your app has an issue that needs to immediately be fixed. There is also preventative maintenance which is where you modify your app so that it has new features which improve the experience for users. If hardware and software changes then you may need adaptive maintenance whereas preventative maintenance can eliminate and reduce the rate of errors in your app. Then there is corrective maintenance which is where you repair faults in the everyday use of your app based on the user experience and reported issues.

It’s no longer enough to just create an app. You constantly need to be updating it to improve the experience for your app users.

When you upgrade your app you can actually increase its efficiency, performance and security which can save you money in the long run. It’s essential that your app is equipped to run on the most up-to-date Android or Apple OS. If it doesn’t then it may lose its functionality which could lead to fewer people using your app.

Sometimes an app just needs a cosmetic upgrade. That is where you upgrade the user interface (UI) which can in turn improve the user experience (UX) and subsequently help you have a more successful app. It’s well-documented that regularly updating your app can assist in generating more traffic and higher ratings. Your app needs to be modern and constantly monitored to eliminate any issues.

While web and app developers try to eliminate bugs before an app is released in one of the app stores they are simply unavoidable. Bugs can be caused by poor coding and that can lead to app failure. There’s nothing more annoying for a user than an app constantly crashing when they try to perform a simple task. It’s vital that you regularly monitor your app’s code to prevent and eliminate any bugs. When apps are easy to use the user is more likely to recommend them to their friends or family members and that helps you create a more successful app.

With an increased reliance on technology, cybercriminals are exploiting security. That means that apps are vulnerable to security threats. If your app is not constantly updated then there is a risk that its security will be compromised. If the security is compromised then in the best-case scenario the app will simply be unusable and in the worst-case scenario, data will be stolen. Regularly maintaining your app reduces the risk that cybercriminals can exploit your app’s security. App developers need to constantly be alert and ready to be on the lookout for any potential security threats.

Both Apple and Google Play have strict requirements for apps to be distributed in the app store. You need to have an iOS distribution provisional profile and distribution certificate, an App Store Connect record for your app, archive and upload of your app in Xcode, configured metadata in the record and regularly maintained status. Whenever Apple releases a new iPhone or updates its iOS the oldest active iOS normally becomes inactive, so for your app to remain in the store it needs to be configured for the current operating system.

Nobody wants downtime. If your app has downtime you can generate bad publicity that can cost you money through lost transactions or customers. A regularly maintained app will ensure that your business minimises its downtime and subsequently revenue loss.

There are some apps in the App Store that have not been updated in a while. Those apps are unlikely to be adopted because they are not equipped to deal with changing user preferences. Users are becoming more and more discerning and expect the latest features. They don’t want to use an app that is clunky or doesn’t do what they want. If your app is regularly maintained then there is a high chance that it has the features that your users want. That means they’ll download your app and you could gain an advantage over your competitors, especially if your app offers a better experience. If your app doesn’t though they will delete it and turn to your competitors and that is the last thing that you want.

If your customers delete your app then that will impact your business growth and you will not have access to the number of customers that you want. They are only likely to delete your app if it doesn’t meet their expectations. In today’s world with a huge reliance on technology, particularly mobile-based technology you cannot afford to get complacent. You need to constantly keep your eye on the game and be ready to make changes.

Monitoring your app helps you remain competitive. As indicated, just creating an app is not enough. You have to constantly monitor it and evaluate what your customers are doing so it remains relevant, if not ahead of your competitors. A relevant app has the latest features, for example, social media login integration is expected, but if your app has not been updated to include it then you are missing out on opportunities to capture users’ contact details because they won’t create accounts. Without their contact details, you cannot create a database and market your product or service to your customers which will cost you sales opportunities.

Ultimately if you’ve invested in developing an app in the first place you need to regularly update it. You wouldn’t buy a plant and only water it once and you wouldn’t only go to the gym once. You need to constantly water a plant for it to grow and you need to go to the gym regularly to maintain your fitness.  It is exactly the same for a mobile app. Regular maintenance will keep your app functioning and meeting your customers’ expectations which will translate to higher revenue.

At Digital One Agency, we have a team of experienced mobile app developers who can help you with all aspects of app security, maintenance and updates. So if you’re looking for someone to take care of your app needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. We’ll be more than happy to discuss your requirements and see how we can help.

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