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Hiring Dedicated Developers

Outsourcing software development and hiring dedicated developers to keep pace with the rising needs of businesses have rapidly increased. Enhancing the overall skills of your organisation leads to new opportunities, by hiring remotely dedicated developers, businesses can bring their projects to life. You may be unsure of how or where to hire proficient dedicated developers, this blog provides the answers to your queries. Digital One Agency, provides dedicated software developers, designers and engineers.

What is a dedicated developer?

Dedicated developers generally are employees of an organisation that are remotely hired to develop specific projects. Depending on their workplace and the sources you hire them from, here are some of the best ways to understand them:

  1. Freelancers:

Freelancers directly interact with the companies that hire them and these freelancers are independent individuals who may work from home or small offices. Freelancers tend to attract smaller projects with a limited budget.

  1. Dedicated Development Outsourcing Model:

One of the three popular models of software development outsourcing is to hire an entire software development team from a provider who will only work on your project.

  1.  IT Staff Augmentation:

To develop the application desired, at the company’s office, the company hires specialised developers from an IT staff augmentation service provider. The existing internal IT staff of the company are assisted by the hired developers.

Who needs to hire dedicated developers

Questioning whether you need to hire dedicated developers and when?

If your business is interested in acquiring the following then your business

may need to procure dedicated developers:

  • You’ve got a tiny digital department and want to develop a software product such as a website, web app, or mobile app.
  • In your area, you cannot find an expert with the necessary skills
  • You do not know how to implement your startup idea  
  • When your team lacks effective use of technology 
  • When you struggle for new expertise and skills within your team
  • When your team cannot reach the stipulated deadline
  • If you have a budget and timeline in which your local internal team or local software development company cannot complete within your budget.

Employing a developer or dedicated development team can streamline and optimise your company’s project, as they are dedicated only to developing your project full time.

What to consider before hiring a dedicated developer:

Your business must be organised and understand what they need from outsourced help and plan out the following before undergoing the hiring process:

  • Outline specific skills and talents that you need from the dedicated developer
  • Decide what you can pay weekly or monthly for the developer
  • Assemble the correct tools for your project 
  • Arrange the deadlines before the project begins
  • Ensure that there are team-building processes and there are not any communication barriers.

What to assess when hiring a dedicated developer

It is essential to hire suitable qualified dedicated developers, to ensure that your company is reaching its full potential and to avoid damaging its reputation.

There are many factors to consider when hiring a dedicated developer, these factors are:

  • Can they meet the desired deadlines?
  • Do they have a distinctive skillset?
  • What is their hourly rate?
  • Do they have time management and problem-solving skills?
  • Can they write concise code?
  • Do they have a professional portfolio? 
  • Do they have relevant experience?
  • Are they innovative and creative?
  • What language do they speak?
  • Timezone
  • If they have a team, how many people does it consist of and what are their roles?

How your business finds dedicated developers

Your business must decide whether or not it wants to hire an offshore software development company or a freelancer. You can check with other companies that recently hired dedicated developers or use services to do so. Where you look for your developer matters, it will affect the quality and reliability of the developer and the project itself. This is why there are trusted services that provide this information. Once that is decided there are different avenues to take for each.


You can use many services to find the skilled freelancer that you are looking for, these are:

– Toptal

– Upwork

– Codementor 

– LinkedIn

– Contently

– Word of mouth

These services provide key details of the developer such as their:

  • Hourly rate
  • Location
  • Skillset
  • Background information
  • Ratings
  • Experience

Offshore Software Development Companies:

The platforms provide top services and solutions to find the right

Web and software development companies for your business, the following platforms used are directories that put together contractors for you.

 These platforms include:

  • Goodfirms
  • Clutch
  • G2,
  • Upcity,
  • ITFirms

The processes to follow when hiring dedicated developers

There are necessary processes to follow when hiring a dedicated development team. These processes are implemented so that efficient progress is being made on the project and allows everything to run smoothly.

The processes include:

  • Businesses must prepare all the required documentation for the project such as the Product Requirements Document and Functional Specification. It is vital to inform the developer of the project’s purpose, scope, and planned duration. This is to ensure that money and time, valuable resources, are not being misdirected on developers that are not interested in the project. 
  • Select the best-suited outsourcing vendor for your goals, this can be done by checking their: experience, hourly rates, reviews, market presence, and knowledge.
  • Provide your vendor with detailed information on the project and provide how many developers you are looking for and the skills necessary. 
  • Conduct interviews to analyse whether the developer is a suitable fit.
  • Before commencing, lay out the expectations and a list of communication tools, meeting times and frequency, and the goals of the project.

Why your business should hire dedicated developers

When you hire a team of dedicated developers or an individual dedicated developer you obtain access to their diverse knowledge, skills, and solutions to develop your product. 

Some advantages of hiring a dedicated developer/s:

  • Cost-effective: You do not need to pay for expenses such as training costs, equipment, office space hiring, and other legal expenses. Additionally, if the team or developer is in another country development costs are much lower. The expense that you pay is paying the actual developers themselves, which can be done at an hourly or daily or weekly rate.
  • Flexibility: A dedicated developer’s entire focus is on your project, allowing the business to focus on other areas of importance. If you hired a team of dedicated developers then there is another level of management and if you wish to make any changes the team will respond timely. They also have a quicker response to emergencies.
  • Access a varied skill set: You can specifically choose your dedicated developer and access the skills they possess. If you hire a team of dedicated developers there is a whole group of people with varied skills, knowledge, experience and solutions.
  • Increased productivity: If you hire a team of dedicated developers they use testing processes to improve the productivity and standard of the specific project.
  • Greater control: You can choose the developers that are put on the project based on their skills and can take an active role in the processes. If you hire a team of dedicated developers there will most likely be a team leader to manage your project to your demands and this allows for transparency.

At Digital One Agency we can provide you with a dedicated team of developers and designers including a project manager to a single developer.

We discuss your project requirements, budget, and timeline as well as tech stack to ensure you have the right team to meet your needs. Our dedicated model is used heavily in Australia, America, UK and other countries.

Different Types of Developers For Hire

Frontend Developer

Frontend developers specialise in visual user interfaces, aesthetics and layouts. They work on creating web apps and websites as their codes run on web browsers and on the computer of the site user. Their role is solely focused on understanding human machine interaction and design more than theory. Their skills consist of design of user interface (UI), design of user experience (UX), CSS, JavaScript, HTML, UI Frameworks.

Backend Developer

The backend developer specialises in design, implementation, functional logic and performance of a system that runs on a machine which are remote from the end-user. The back end of a website is made up from a server, application and a database and a back-end developer helps to build and maintain these components. By doing this they are enabling user-facing side of a website to exist. Their development skills are PHP, Laravel, ASP.NET, Java, C++, Ruby, Python, Scala and Go.

Full Stack Developer

A full stack developer does both the front end and back end work for a site. They have the skills which are required to create a fully functioning website. Being a full stack developer will open up more opportunities for yourself as they work on both the server side and client side. The skills a full stack developer would consist of a combination of a front end and back end developer. A full stack developer should be able to set up Linux servers, write server-side APIs, client-side, powering an application and turn a design eye to CSS.

Mobile Developer

Mobile developers write codes for applications that run on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Mobile developers only started to become popular after the boom of mobile devices in the early 2000s and the growth of the smartphone market. A mobile developer understands mobile operating systems such as iOS and android and the environment and frameworks used to create software on these systems. They have a variety of development skills, such as Java, Swift, Objective-C, Application Programming Interfaces, web development languages and cross platform mobile suites. Hybrid solutions like Flutter, Xarmin, React and others.

Game Developer

Being a game developer is very demanding and complicated. They specialise in writing games and have specific knowledge and skills in designing engaging interactive gaming experiences. Game developers use frameworks such as DirectX, OpenGL, Unity 3D, WebGL and programming languages such as C, C++ and Java. On mobile devices, Swift and Java are used for iOS and Android games.

Data Scientist Developer

Data scientist developers write programs to analyse data sets. They are normally in charge of statistical analysis, machine learning and predictive modelling. The skill set a data scientist should have, would need to cover several science related things. For example, programming languages (R, Python), different techniques that are a valid approach, being familiar with machine learning methods, understand and know multivariable calculus and linear algebra and deal with imperfections in data. Being able to communicate all imperfections and calculus is incredibly important for these types of developers.

DevOps Developer

DevOps developers are familiar with technologies which are able to build, deploy and integrate systems and manage back end software. To simplify the definition, a developer is someone who creates applications, an Ops, deploys and monitors the applications and a DevOps can create applications and deploy and monitor them. DevOps need experience in the following skills, Kubernetes, Docker, Apache Mesos, Jenkins e.t.c and the HashiCorp stack.

Software Developer

A software developer plays a key role in identifying, designing, installing and testing a software system that has been built for a company from the ground up. They create these to ensure that the processes are running as expected. The skills needed for a software developer are coding languages such as JavaScript, C++, Ruby, C# and .Net to name a few. These types of developers should also be comfortable writing and analysing queries and working with different frameworks.

Web Developer

Web developers have a similar job to software developers; however they specialise in creating websites. Although they haven’t been around for as long as some other developers and they only required to have a basic knowledge when entering the role, web developers are increasing just as much as other developers in today’s world. Web developers are required to have knowledge on HTML, CSS, FTP, JavaScript, WordPress, Woo-Commerce, Magento, Shopify.

Security Developer

Security developers specialise in creating systems, methods and procedures to test the security of software systems and fix security flaws. They use a variety of tools to complete their job such as scripting languages like Python and Ruby. They also use coding languages such as C and C++ to read and understand operating systems. The aim of their job is to ethically hack systems to discover their vulnerabilities.

Other Developers / Staff Resources For Hire

ReactJS, Angular, VueJS, Android, Java, Kotlin, PHP, iOS Swift, NodeJS, Java, Python, Magento 2, Flutter, AngularJS, NodeJS, CakePHP, Drupal, Joomla, C#, Blockchain Development, SEO Professional, Graphic Designers, Project Managers, Quality Assurance, Mean Stack Developers, Crypto Developers and many more just ask.

Digital One Agency’s team of software developers will help you take your business idea to the next level exceeding the quality benchmark. Our dedicated developers are accountable and self-managed, who understand the importance of good code, quality standards, and project deadlines, every time. Hire dedicated developers from us to build secure, scalable, and reliable business applications as well as enterprise-grade solutions in a cost-effective way.

Our state-of-the-art development center is a hub of skilled, talented, and experienced resources. From startups, SMEs to globally-renowned enterprises, we are renowned for offering custom software development services to businesses of all shapes and sizes. 

Outsource software development at an affordable price. Collaborate in real-time with like-minded experts based in Australian time zones.
Gather your own team of dedicated developers, contact us today.

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