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Move your existing business online – 2020

The importance of having an up to date website that is mobile friendly is so important now for traditional offline shops and service providers.

Now more than ever people are either buying online and making their purchases online as it is so simple.

If you are a service provider, consumers are researching before they spend and you need to be found at the top of google search.

Overall every business needs a web presence, not just a Facebook page and an Instagram account.

The importance of having your own up to date website for selling and shipping your products online in the fast-paced change of retail is important to keep your well built brand offline and ensure that your brand, products and services are found and ranking on Google searches.

Online Stores – Adding an online store presence to your traditional shop front assist buyers in knowing what products you sell, keeps your business relevant and not miss opportunities to the large commercial online presences of Amazon.

Service-Based Businesses – By having a website and listing your services online is now imperative, you can have online booking with pricing and detailed descriptions of your services and any products you sell. Your website needs to be mobile-friendly; it needs to be found on google.

No matter your business type, a website helps your business be found on google either locally or nationally. Today’s consumers tend to research businesses online before going and visiting a brick and mortar type business or any other type of business, you need to have a solid website that displays your products and services.

At Digital One Agency, we build websites for all industries within Australia and abroad.

Our sites are built with search engine optimization code within the site, along with connecting and submissions to all major search engines.

We build custom websites that are 100% mobile and desktop friendly so that you do not miss an opportunity or client. Our E-Commerce solutions are able to connect to your internal point of sale software for inventory and stock control, if you don’t already have that then we can have your website manage stock control and online orders as well as in-store orders.

By having an upto date and easily found website that looks great, showcasing your products or services and customers being able to search and find you easily will boost your business and add or expand on your existing turnover.

If you already have a website and it is getting old and not mobile-friendly this could be hurting your business, as Google ranks websites based on many aspects including usability, so if your existing site is not built for Mobile and Desktop you are missing out on traffic.

Contact Digital One Agency for an obligation free discussion and quotation to build you a new website or update an old existing website and increase your turnover rapidly.

We also have other services to help boost your business such as digital marketing solutions as well as building mobile applications for your business.

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