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Flutter Mobile App Development: What are the benefits?

What is Flutter?

Flutter is one type of open source mobile application development framework created by Google. Flutter can be used to develop native looking Android and iOS apps from the similar code base. Also, it has been the primary method of creating applications for Google. But today some of the mobile development industries are still worried about Flutter.

In this post, we’ll give you details about the benefits of Flutter and how we can develop your Flutter app with Code Magic CI/CD exclusively for Flutter.

History of Flutter

  • In December 2018, Flutter 1.0 was officially launched.
  • But Flutter has been around since 2015 when Google first announced it, but now it has been released and many major Companies and Platforms such as Alibaba, Microsoft and other Fortune 500 companies as well as startups are using Flutter and Dart technology. 
  • It’s a cross-platform tool intended for creating Android and iOS apps from a single code base by using a modern, reactive framework.
  • Flutter apps are built using Dart, a simple object-oriented programming language.
  • We now build Flutter apps for cross system usage including Mobile Phones, Tablets, iPad’s and even desktop applications.

Benefits of Flutter Apps

In this post, we have explained about the benefits of Flutter without comparisons to other platforms. We make sure that these benefits help our clients choose Flutter where it will be most beneficial and help with ongoing growing costs and expansions.

•    High Productivity & Save Time

One of the best benefits of Flutter is cross-platform app development framework, you can use the same code base for your iOS and Android app. This can definitely be helpful to save you both time and resources.

•    Great Performance

Dart compiles into native code and there is no need to access OEM widgets as Flutter has its own. This means less mediated communication between the app and the platform.

•    Fast and Simple Development

One of the most lauded features of Flutter is hot reload which allows you to instantly view the changes made in the code on emulators, simulators and hardware. In less than a second, the changed code is reloaded while the app is running with no need for a restart. This is great not just for building UIs or adding features but also for bug fixing.

•    Good Compatibility

Since widgets are part of the app and not the platform, you’ll likely experience less or no compatibility issues on different OS versions. This in turn means less time spent on testing.

•    Free Open-Source

The main benefit of Flutter and Dart are open-source and free to use and provide extensive documentation and community support to help out with any issues you may encounter.

Reference url:https://blog.codemagic.io/what-is-flutter-benefits-and-limitations/

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