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Flutter Mobile App Development Australia

Mobile App Development in Australia

Let’s Discuss Mobile App Development Options

There have never been so many choices of programming languages for developing mobile applications as there is now.

Flutter, a Google open-source product has bought some of the best ever hybrid mobile application technology with the Dart programming language. With real-world cases at Digital One Agency we see many mobile application projects every month.

Using Flutter we have been able to save our clients over 60% on the cost to build their mobile apps with using Flutter as with native mobile applications you have two codebases for iOS and Android. Flutter only requires one code base and one app to build, manage and maintain which reduces costs dramatically.

The continuous development and advances with Flutter have enabled our clients to reduce their initial build cost and ongoing maintenance helping them get to market a lot sooner due to both costs and development time.

Depending on all the features and functionality of the mobile app we check everything to see what is best for development now for our clients and long term. Some mobile applications we still build on native iOS and Android, as Flutter has progressed and it’s capabilities we do use and recommend it if Flutter will work for that particular project.

Flutter development for Web and Desktop application has also progressed, so in cases some mobile applications can now be built and customized for Web Applications as well as Desktop applications on Windows, Mac and Linux.

If you are considering building a Mobile App, it is worth considering having your application built with Flutter if features and requirements will fit as it saves time and money.

At Digital One Agency we offer Mobile Application development in all programming languages, we have qualified and experienced developers in Swift, Python, JavaScript, Kotlin, React, Dart, C#, C/C++, Ionic, Xarmin and more.

If you are wanting a mobile application built, we offer Interest-Free Finance for Mobile Application development. Contact us for an obligation-free 1-hour discovery call.

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