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E-Commerce Solutions

If you have an existing business without an online presence in 2021 then your most likely missing out on the biggest shift ever to online commerce and the way people buy in now and in the future.

Everyone has seen the damage done to retail and other physical stores during the pandemic of 2020, there has never been a worse time for brick and mortar physical stores in Australia and most other countries.

There has been a major shift for existing businesses and many new start-ups pivoting to online e-commerce with both having an exceptional online retail e-commerce website and depending on the business type a mobile application or web application.

At Digital One Agency, our teams have been building solutions for many different industries and business types in which have been very successful and helped drive our clients’ businesses online and thrive from retail, manufacturing, medical, construction, restaurants and many other business types.

Our E-Commerce website solutions have enabled our clients to not only stay in business but have record sales with online purchasing up over 400%. With an E-Commerce solution built by Digital One Agency, we give you the very best search engine optimised site for you to sell your products and services and rank high on Google and other search engines quickly.

Our E-Commerce solutions also have the ability to keep your products automatically updated on your business Facebook and Instagram shop, driving sales for your products to your business. Our marketing team can develop a solution to make sure your brand and products are found on every popular platform and rank, making it simple for consumers to find your business, products and services easily. Our E-Commerce solutions also automatically upload to Google Shopping, which is a very cost-effective way to sell products online and in volume.

Mobile Applications have also boosted online connectivity between businesses and consumers/clients. During 2020 we have built many Mobile Apps for restaurants for online ordering and delivery as well as ordering ahead. This has enabled many of our clients to continue operating and even boosting their normal sales turn over.

At Digital One Agency our Mobile App team are able to create any type of custom solution to grow your existing business and connect clients to your business in any sector, our teams have built online shopping mobile apps for grocery stores, retail stores which interconnect with their e-commerce website enabling further customer interaction and repeat ordering via their mobile apps. Read – questions to ask before building an app

E-Commerce websites with social media stores connected and even Mobile Apps built and connected have been critical to many businesses in the shift to online purchasing and ordering, making business easier for our clients with custom automated backend solutions whilst increasing and building their client bases.

Online shopping, online bookings and appointments are growing at such a rapid rate it is important to make sure that your marketing is also perfect and on point. Our marketing team at Digital One Agency can tailor a solution to fit your requirements and connect your products and services to social media and search advertising. Google Shopping has grown immensely throughout 2020 and will continue to in the future.

2020 has been a year of massive changes in the online sector, it is more important now than ever before to have a strong online presence with your own website, e-commerce store and/or mobile application.

Technology has been moving ahead into 2021 as well, our Mobile App development team have built many fantastic mobile applications on Flutter this year for Android and iOS mobile and tablet devices as well as Xarmin and other Hybrid App solutions which is bringing down the cost of Mobile App development costs by up to 50%. Whilst Hybrid App solutions have been very popular in 2020 we have been building many Native Android Apps as well as many Native iOS Apps this year for both Mobile, Tablet and iPad devices.


It has never been so important than 2020 to have your own website, e-commerce store and social media presence built and configured properly with a marketing plan to keep growing your business model. The team at Digital One Agency can assist from start to finish with your branding, user experience, marketing and building your website, e-commerce store or Mobile App.

Contact us for a free 1-hour discovery call to see how we can help your business grow and exceed expectations.

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