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BreatheEasy: Smoking Cessation with Technology


In the age of digital transformation, health and wellness are increasingly becoming focal points of technological innovation. Recognising the detrimental impacts of smoking and vaping on individual and public health, we introduce “BreatheEasy” – a comprehensive mobile application designed to empower individuals in their journey towards a smoke-free life.


BreatheEasy is an intuitive, user-friendly mobile application developed using Flutter, ensuring cross-platform functionality for a wider user reach. The application is supported by a robust backend built with Laravel, facilitating an efficient admin panel for seamless management. The communication between the mobile application and server is powered by a secure and scalable PHP API.

Key Features

  1. Personalised Quit Plans: Tailored quitting strategies based on individual user profiles, including smoking history, health goals, and personal preferences.
  2. Progress Tracking: Real-time tracking of smoke-free days, money saved, and health improvements, encouraging users on their journey.
  3. Interactive Challenges: Gamified experience with daily, weekly, and monthly challenges to maintain user engagement and motivation.
  4. Community Support: A social platform within the app for users to share experiences, tips, and encouragement, fostering a supportive community.
  5. Expert Guidance: Access to a library of resources including articles, videos, and tips from healthcare professionals.
  6. Notification and Reminder System: Customizable alerts to keep users on track with their quitting goals.
  7. Relapse Prevention Tools: Strategies and support to handle cravings and prevent relapse.
  8. Data Analytics: Comprehensive analytics dashboard for users to visualize their quitting journey and for administrators to monitor app engagement and efficacy.

Technology Stack

  • Mobile Application: Flutter for seamless cross-platform functionality.
  • Backend and Admin Panel: Laravel for a robust, scalable backend system.
  • API: PHP for secure and reliable server communication.

Security and Compliance

BreatheEasy prioritizes user data privacy and security. The application adheres to the latest security protocols and complies with health data protection regulations.


BreatheEasy is not just an application; it’s a companion in the challenging journey of quitting smoking and vaping. By leveraging the latest technology and evidence-based strategies, BreatheEasy stands as a testament to the potential of digital health solutions in fostering healthier communities. Join us in making a smoke-free world a reality.

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