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The popularity of website designs fluctuates, so it’s important to keep up with the upcoming design trends in 2022 so you don’t fall behind. In addition to their influence on how designers innovate, design trends have a direct impact on how users interact with their websites. Websites need to be current and appealing to their target audience in order to be successful. Designing your website in a way that’s timeless and current will greatly improve the user experience (UX). By maintaining a modern but familiar design on your website, you increase brand recall and generate leads.

Digital One Agency brings you the latest 2022 website design trends that are innovating and transforming web design. Keeping your website designs fresh and current will ensure your potential customers and audience will stay interested in your website.

These are some examples of website trends that are gaining traction in 2022:

  1. Fonts that are interactive:

An essential part of almost any website is the text because it not only provides information but also is a design element. The implementation of text that travels around and slides when the user moves their mouse has been done in a variety of ways by designers. By changing the hover state of the text, you may make it interactive. Rendering the typography to make it interactive adds a depth of innovation and stimulates the user.

  1. Typography that is oversized and experimental:

Oversized and experimental typography may be used in both minimalist and maximalist designs, making it extremely versatile and eye-catching. Because the typeface is huge, it can take up a lot of space on the website and even obscure parts of photos, prompting people to look for more information. While it is a sophisticated method, it can help websites establish contrast and focus on the main point they are attempting to convey. There are no restrictions in today’s web typography, and designers are experimenting with a little bit of everything.

  1. Websites with only one page:

When the topic matter is more focused, such as a portfolio or a presentation of a single idea, one-page websites perform best. This is due to the fact that there is no distraction from trying to browse the page, allowing you to focus more on the subject at hand. The material is all in one place, so customers are more likely to evaluate it, resulting in an efficient user engagement in acquiring the knowledge they seek.

  1. Linework:

Linework is a trend that is both modern and vintage in certain aspects. Lines can be used to designate sections, headings, paragraphs, and product galleries, as well as to create a dynamic grid for the entire homepage. Thin lines are employed, yet they’re balanced off with lighter fonts and attractive visual elements. Depending on the colour palette that is matched with linework, the result is generally casual yet sophisticated.

  1. Colour Schemes using Black and White:

The use of black and white colour schemes helps to direct attention to the design itself while retaining an ambience that is sophisticated yet simple. By incorporating modern effects and techniques such as subtle animations, it can be effective despite its simplicity. Although the black and white colour scheme lacks colours, customers are captivated by the animations that promise a high-quality user experience.

  1. Scrolling text elements:

Scrolling text components give movement to websites and draw user attention to the main words displayed in this function. The main words convey a clear message to users while also demonstrating a creative flair. Scrolling text components must utilise short phrases or words and be direct in order to work effectively. This trend promotes interaction and customer engagement.

  1. Minimalism:

Recently, all designs have been focused on a minimalistic approach; there are fewer colours, but each colour has a deeper significance, and there are fewer fonts, but font selection is deliberate. Because the world is obsessed with technology, your website is the first thing your customers see. Through the use of essential words, carefully picked colours, and typefaces, this minimalistic approach aids in gauging and communicating your brand and its message to your clients.

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